Lunch Break

Yesterday I made a spur of the moment decision to have lunch at The Bald Strawberry (in Melbourne FL), grab myself some vegan, gluten-free yumminess, not quite ready to re-hermit up at the house and hoping for a creativity charge there because I like the space.  I park and amble down the sidewalk, talking to myself, and as I enter the restaurant a very animated woman meets me at the door. It’s Ali! Ali is the woman who designed the totally awesome t-shirt that I am wearing which has several critters separated by equal signs and says “No Difference. Go Vegan.”


We chatted for a bit, her friend took our picture, and I had just a great, warm-fuzzy experience. Ali is very charming and sincere, looking forward to seeing her again. I am feeling very good about my decision to stay out in the world for a bit longer. Grinning and glowing, I place my order and settle in the corner of the bar to jot down my thoughts for this post. I felt as if it was all a part of putting it out to the world, of focusing on the idea that I want to connect with vegans and artists of all kinds, surround myself with positive energy.  And BOOM! universe answers again. Somehow I end up in a conversation with a cool mom sitting next to me with her husband and 2 human kids. She is a sorta-vegan who is also gluten-free. We discussed local restaurants and doctor struggles, shared some of our journey. She talked about how to feed her children. At some point I mentioned the documentary Earthlings (cautioned not to have her children see it, they are little bitties) and I hope she does and goes true-vegan.  Before I left I even gave her one of my business cards and asked her to use it to friend me on FaceBook per our conversation about having a sounding board for food and health thoughts.

Wow. I just cannot fully explain to you how out of character this all was for me. INTJ and kinda shy, I almost always hide from people, even nice people. The day before I hid my head from some clients at another restaurant. What I take as important from this is a sign post that “being vegan” is my thing. Brings me joy, brings me out. I guess my constant search for self is basically boring as hell, but it is my truth. Comforting to feel I’m getting closer.



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