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Psychological aspects of veganism

Forgive yourself.

Self-forgiveness is not to be underestimated! Eating vegan is all about being compassionate. So don’t forget to be compassionate towards yourself too.

If you slip from the path, then remember that there’s always the next moment to get back on track again. Learn to forgive your slip-ups and use them to motivate yourself to be more committed in future.

Celebrate the journey – don’t make it a prison sentence. Being mostly vegan is much better than not being interested in conscious eating at all.

Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

You can’t lift weights as a vegan.

The misconception that meat is the only way to get protein is as old as time, and it's also incredibly wrong. There are so many sources of plant protein like tofu, tempeh, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains that can be comparable to the protein amount in meat.

It’s too hard to be a vegan.

This one isn't entirely a myth. Making any lifestyle change is hard when you're changing the habits you've had your entire life, and you shouldn't try to make the change overnight.

Make being vegan ‘normal’

Paradoxically, when I stopped being bothered about what people would think about my ‘weird’ eating choices, everyone started accepting it as normal.

People really don’t like it if you get in their face and threaten the foundation upon which their life is built (i.e happily consuming meat and animal stuff), it just throws up walls.

First of all, be happy that at least you are doing your bit! Feel compassion for others no matter what they eat. If you can just be content in yourself, people are much more open to ask about what you are eating and at times, even start questioning their own choices.

We used to think that if people became informed, then they’d go vegan in a flash.

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